About Guardrail Corral

The Calton’s, of the family-owned and operated Guardrail Corral, have been a vital part of progressing and revolutionizing the cattle industry for over 50 years. The Staff at Guardrail CorralIn our repurposing of quality, galvanized, high-strength used highway barriers and I-Beam posts, Guardrail Corral provides you with an unmatched affordability and permanent solution for your numerous and challenging demands, as well as helping keep God’s green Earth a little greener.

Located in the Foothills of Western North Carolina, we have a network of logistical methods to economically deliver directly to your land, whether by the truckload or less. Our variety of galvanized guardrail panels and I-Beam posts can be found on farms in 47 of the 48 continental United States’.

If you have a need to build or replace your fencing, windbreaks, arenas, corrals, shoots, or feed-bunks, we have the perfect products for you. As well, other uses include erosion control, retaining walls, safety-barriers, gates, cattle-shades and shelter construction.

You will find numerous examples of these uses here on our site and we are available to discuss your specific needs at your convenience.  There is likely not a question that we cannot answer, nor a project we cannot assist you with, as it pertains to using guardrail for your farm’s needs.  We have grown with age, just as the industry. Demands are greater. Expansions are continuous. Innovation is critical.

Thank you, again, for your time and consideration. We look forward to speaking with you directly.