There are several Benefits of Guardrail Fencing

We understand the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every farm.  Truly into each and every animal.  We know how deeply our customers care about what they do!  Farmers reflect the strength that is in the foundation of America and we are proud to serve them.   We, too, care deeply about what we do and are dedicated to bring you the best products for your lifetime fencing needs.  We are excited to blog today about the Benefits of Guardrail Fencing.  

Our farmers are a great help to us here at Guardrail Corrall and LiveStock Steel.  They have helped us find many applications for the use of Guardrail and the Benefits of Guardrail Fencing around the farm.  

Benefits of Guardrail Fencing Include:

  • Longevity
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Calming to Animals
  • Corrugated Strength
  • Animal Health
  • Visibility
  • and much more


Owners who choose to install Guardrail Corral guardrail don’t expect to replace it again. Our heavily galvanized guardrail panel and posts give our guardrail fence owners untold years of future hard-working service. After a simple installation, guardrail fence owners can move on to other things. Wouldn’t it be great if more things in life were that bulletproof? The best time to eliminate costly fence repairs from your future is while upgrading or building new facilities.  Why waste limited time and resources with weaker, short-term products that will require replacement during your lifetime? Guardrail sets the standard in a long lasting fence life.

Fast, Easy Installation

Guardrail Corral’s used highway guardrail panel is uniformly cut and punched for fast, cost-effective installation. People who have used it once often remark about the ease of installation. Guardrail’s performance record is proved by the willingness of our customers to use it again and again.

Guardrail for CorralsCalming to Animals

The wide coverage of used highway guardrail panel has been noted to keep animals calmer – the less they can see, the less reason to be spooked by something outside the corral. Animals remain calmer because their perception of activity of areas beyond the guardrail barrier is significantly reduced. Additionally, we’ve heard several reports of rambunctious animals testing themselves against guardrail. Of course, the guardrail always wins. After one test—that animal usually declines any more battles with guardrail.

Corrugated Strength

Once you install highway guardrail, its power of corrugation comes to life by interlocking the sides of your pens into an integrated fence system. Impacts and/or pressures to the fence system are distributed along the connected lines. One guardrail fence owner had a bull to strike the fence and completely snap a wooden support post, but his guardrail fence remained functional and in place. This allowed him come back later to replace the broken wood post, well after he had finished sorting and shipping his cattle.

Enjoy Well–Maintained Animal Health

Guardrail Corral guardrail panels present an imposing, visible barrier thus increasing an animal’s awareness of their boundaries. When animals are moved through newly-installed guardrail systems, the handlers will often notice an improved, smoother animal traffic-flow. Several have also noticed an overall reduction in common animal impacts with the fencing system.

Night–Time Visibility

Guardrail Corral’s guardrail fence presents a more visible barrier in low light or night-time hours.  The mildly reflective surface of guardrail panel can reduce the impacts for both the animal and the fencing system during low-light conditions. Long term, this translates to: More meat to market for your investment.

We Have the Options you Need

Choose the Guardrail Corral products for your specific needs:

  • New and Used Standard 12″ width W-Beam panel –and/OR- 20″ Wide Thrie-Beam panel;
  • Choose the length of your panels: 13.5 (Short) or 26′ (Long)— on W-beam panel only.
  • Choose your Length of your POSTS: Order in the range of 6ft–16ft. Call for quick numbers.

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Increased Animal Safety 

Guardrail Corral’s used highway guardrail fence means less injury and healthier animals. Even in the reduced cases of animal contact with the highway guardrail panel, the smooth, mildly humped design of guardrail panel provides a gently curved surface, distributing the impact of animal-to-fence contact over a larger surface area of the animal’s body.

 Protecting American People and Property

Most of us know someone who has been injured or even killed while handling cattle. Large livestock animals are powerful, quick and often unpredictable. They can also be protective of territory and offspring. At any moment, handlers may have an urgent need for a barrier that can take an animal’s full fury. Additionally, producers do not need the added risk of escaped cattle causing damage to individuals or property. When considering safety and risk management, many producers are turning to the lasting qualities of used highway guardrail to protect the irreplaceable.

The Nine Lives of Guardrail

Every day, Guardrail Corral customers find more applications for guardrail panel. If needed, guardrail panel can be moved and re-used again and again as fencing, or in the hundreds of useful applications discovered by brilliant customers:

Windbreaks, Feed Troughs, Feed Bunks, Bail Feeders, Re-Enforcements to Crowd areas, Cut Panel used as Uprights of the fence, Gates, Feeders, Hay Barns, Water Breaks, Barn Floors, Hay Lofts, Storage structures, Stringers, Perlins, Uprights, Posts, Beams, Retaining Walls and dividers for: Feed Containment, Manure Management, Aggregate Containment, Stone Containment. Also, Vehicle traffic control, Safety and Property Security, Anti-Theft for Machines and Equipment… The list goes on and on.

See many of these brilliant applications right here on our website by checking out our hundreds of photos of guardrail application.

American Product—America’s Future

Every day, we offer our customers the same, solid, American made materials which are consistently produced to high standards – produced only by American manufacturers – and sold by Americans – by an American-owned company. That’s who we are.

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