Guardrail Fencing at All Time Low Prices

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This Season is a FANTASTIC Time of the Year!  We have Guardrail Fencing at All Time Low Prices – Truckloads Ready To Go For many, Fall’s their favorite time of year. Fall’s also the perfect time for guardrail building, corral and windbreak projects! And RIGHT NOW is a fantastic time for getting great deals on 26ft and 20-inch wide guardrail … Read More

Progressing to Guardrail

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The new year brings new thought, hope for a better future and encouragement to put the “old ways” behind you.  Not to be too cheeky here but we hope you put all other fence products behind you and that you find yourself Progressing to Guardrail in 2017. Progressing to Guardrail    Board fence, sucker rod and oil field pipe are the … Read More

Best Customers in the World

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Best Customers in the World We often say ‘round here, “We get to serve the best customers in the world!” Here, at the end of 2016, you’re on our mind again – because you ARE one! THANK YOU! Since our family began working with steel back in the 60’s, we’ve pumped thousands of miles of super-durable guardrail materials into the good soil of American agriculture. We’re … Read More

Make a Better World

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Make a Better World through stewardship

Do you think the candidates can Make a Better World?  In this season of election and politics, the question and statement about what is “best” is always at the forefront of the speeches and interviews alike.   The candidates are constantly answering on what they’ll do about all the hot topics of the day.  Donald Trump’s rallying call is “Make America … Read More

W-Beam Guardrail Workhorse of the Farm

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corrals built out of guardrail will keep working for you

W-Beam Guardrail Workhorse of the Farm Used W-Beam Guardrail will serve you and your family for generations being the Agri-Fencing World’s fence of choice. Recently we had a customer in Missouri who breeds Heifers and has Oil Field Pipe Continuous Fencing.  You’d think that this fencing would be more than enough for heifers but it was no match.  The customer … Read More

Benefits of Guardrail Fencing

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Benefits of Guardrail Fencing for cattle fencing

Benefits of Guardrail Fencing Durability Cost-Effective Low Maintenance A Guardrail Fencing System is the preferred choice for a lifetime installation. LONGEVITY Owners who choose to install Guardrail Corral Guardrail do not expect to replace their product again. Heavily Galvanized and/or Galvannealed coatings provide guardrail fence owners with long years of reliable service. Once the basic installation is completed, owners enjoy a reduction … Read More

Win-Win Year End Profit – Top 10

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Std Rail Steel Post Weld

Wisdom gleaned from my dad’s 50+ years as a small business owner: Bill’s Win-Win Year End Profit Top 10 list… My father, Bill Calton, was a fan of good, honest profit – AND of making the profit work for you. A very generous man, Bill also preached against allowing the government snatch away profit in order to hand it to someone who hadn’t worked for … Read More

Epic Bull Battle – Dominance and Territory – Highway Guardrail Panel

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What would it look like if the battle for the best used guardrail price were to be played out over the best used guardrail itself, acted out by two beautiful bull elk?

        It’s been said, “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.” – Bruce Cockburn These beautiful animals are bringing the heat over the highway guardrail, used as their ‘natural’ boundary. It’s a tough sale — pushing another stout male out of the prized territory. But every year, the challenges begin again, in earnest. Young males, … Read More

How Big of a Steak Can You Eat?

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Massive 72 Oz Steak from the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo Tx

How big of a steak do you think you could take down? What’s your favorite take-the-steak story? Just how many pounds of meat can you polish off at one sitting? Everybody’s got their limit, right? We’ve all had our turns at wrestling with these questions, so I wanted to share what one of my friends did at one time… at … Read More