Clean Glass Reveals Window Into New View

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IMG00658One day, my wife and I were hard at work cleaning windows of our first home. I (the husband) was on the ladder leaned against the outside. My wife was on the inside.

Surprisingly, I began to discover that many of the spots which appeared to be on the inside, (to me), were actually located on the outside of the window… my responsibility to address. As we went on, my wife also discovered several of the blemishes which she thought were on my side of the glass were really on her side.

With only a thin pane of glass separating our worlds, sometimes the truth was hard to see. It was always easier for me to say to her: “That one’s on YOUR side.” I found it harder to confess, “Oh, I see, that issue is on MY side.”

To develop the marital richness and harmony our Creator intended, its best for both to keep eyes wide open for the spots on ‘OUR side.’ The shining truth: diligence in becoming the person God intends ME to become will produce an atmosphere where we are better able to become the persons we’re called to be. And, when we both see our ‘spots’ for what (and where) they really are, we create an atmosphere where more light, more warmth and more life can pour into our home.

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