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The Costs of a Wooden Panel & Wooden Post fence
Used Guardrail Panel & Galvanized I-Beam Posts:

For the estimations of the cost of the two types of fencing listed below,we will here consider fencing one 12.5 foot section of fencing.

A standard 60 inch high guardrail panel fence built from 3ea. 12.25 inch width guardrail panel at $2/ft will cost approximately $75 dollars for the fence rails, (not including the fence posts).

A standard 60 inch wooden fence built with 4ea treated 2×8 timbers would cost approximately $62.5 for four rails of treated lumber.

Our estimated costs for the two fence sections (below) will include 2 posts per 12.5 foot section.

If using the steel guardrail posts: these will likely deliver in the range of $19 per post. If using a treated 8×8 wooden post, the approximate price would be in the range of $40/post.

WOOD: Although a treated wood product is not comparable to the extremely long lasting service offered by our strong steel posts or the used guardrail panel, we will try to represent a “cattleman’s class” fence with a standard, treated 8×8 timber which is 8 feet in length, which would be a minimum length and size comparable to the installation strength of used highway guardrail.

Our comparison suggests that an average Wooden fence will need to be replaced twice within a 30 year period due to normal wear, occasional animal damage and obvious weathering.

Below, you will notice that we estimated $50 for the labor for the installation of a 12.5 foot section of either wood or guardrail fence panel, we project the initial cost of the installation (of either a comparable wood fence or steel cattle handling fence) to be quite similar.

When comparing a Galvanized Steel Used Guardrail fence v/s a Wood fence system, Please Consider these important points:

  • A wooden fence will have to be replaced perhaps twice in a 30 year period.
  • Over the years, a wooden fence will not withstand common impacts and pressures of weathering or average cattle traffic nearly so well as a galvanized steel used guardrail fence.
  • Wooden fencing will incur the cost of removal and disposal for any necessary replacement cycles, thus increasing the costs of handling and labor to a minimum of $75 per fence section per replacement cycle. The additional costs of the replacement materials must also be added to the cost of this replacement.
  • Therefore, we project the approximate cost of an equal length (12.5 feet) of wooden fence over 30 years as:
WOOD INSTALLATION Cost of Labor Cost of materials Total
1st Install (now) $50/section 4ea 2×8’s @ $1.15/ft = $57.50

2ea Treated 8 x 8 x 8ft posts @ $40/ea = $80.00

Estimated total: $140.00

2nd Install

(@15 years)


(Material + removal & disposal)

$140.00 $215/section
3rd Install

(@ 30 years)


(Material + removal & disposal)

$140.00 $215/section

At 30 years

Labor Total: $200 Materials Total: $420 Final Cost:



USED GUARDRAIL Cost of Labor Cost of materials Total
1st Install (now) $50/section Estimated $94 $144/section

at 30 years,

(no re-install required)

Labor Total: $50 Materials Total:

-> $75 for panel

-> $19 for post

Final Cost:



(Note that these estimations do not allow for inflation)

Compare to a Used Highway Guardrail Panel and Post installation:

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