Highway Guardrail Named a Super-Model for Recycling!

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Building up American infrasturcture - used highway guardrail for sale does it again across the world - wins title: Recycling Super model.

This just in, and is rather funny when you think of how it sounds… but Used Highway Guardrail has been recently referred to as a “Supermodel.”

What a strange… but true way to refer to this unique material!

Hey, it may not look as attractive as a starving 23 year old Italian chick, but it sure enough gets the job done.

Read the article, here, as it talks about how this special steel has served one life, then goes right back into another long service history working common American.

In comparison to the 23 year old Italian Supermodel from Milan, we might suggest that used highway guardrail will win in the following categories:

1. How much work will the contestant do on the farm in a given day?

2. How much complaining about the farm work will the contestant accomplish in a single day?

3. How long is the contestant expected to stay working on the farm?

4. How much downstream costs would potential ‘owners’ expect to spend on the contestant in an average year? (again, Used highway guardrail wins without a fight).

5. How tough is the contestant, when put to work on the farm?

6. How much crap is the contestant willing to endure?

7. Will the contestant care for the ‘owners’ cattle in years to come?

So, with all of these tests applied, we can see why used highway guardrail won the bid and became the “recycling supermodel” of choice.

We love to see it working for the cattle and beef producers of the world. -Tom

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