Post Types Used To Mount Guardrail On

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What types of posts have previous Guardrail buyers used to mount their guardrail?

I have been Receiving many questions about what kind of post should I use with used guardrail, so I decided I would blog about all the options we offer or have seen.

a) Some guardrail buyers report that using a strong enough post or pole is a major consideration when using Used Guardrail for livestock fencing. Livestock Producers report the best performance when their used guardrail panel is installed on a post, which is comparable to the strength of the guardrail panel itself.

b) Some customers have commented: When installing Guardrail panel on wood poles, the poles should be larger than six inches in average diameter – and that the range of 8 or more inches in diameter seems to work best.

c) When using wood, a common practice appears to be large lag screws to fasten the Guard Rail panel to the post. Installers have reported that using a healthy diameter lag bolts is faster and also means that the panel may also be fairly easily removed and/or re-set if/when needed. Threaded rods or through-bolts might be used when the wood will not allow a lag screw to be used, but are generally not suggested by experienced installers.
d) When using a steel material, such as the Guardrail I-Beam posts, buyers have reported that the panel can be quickly welded directly to the posts. Livestock producers who have welded the panel to Guardrail posts also mentioned that special care needs to be taken to keep the guardrail posts square with the run of Guardrail in order to provide sufficient length for the run of the welding bead. When welding Zinc-coated products, there are special precautions which must be observed. We encourage anyone involved to research and be well aware of such precautions.

e) Other users have bolted the panel to the steel posts by making a hole in the flange of the posts and attaching the panel directly to the flange of the post by use of approximately a 1.5 inch length bolt. The diameter of this bolt can be approximately a 5/8 thread.

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