Progressing to Guardrail

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The new year brings new thought, hope for a better future and encouragement to put the “old ways” behind you.  Not to be too cheeky here but we hope you put all other fence products behind you and that you find yourself Progressing to Guardrail in 2017.

Progressing to Guardrail   

Progressing to Guardrail CorralsBoard fence, sucker rod and oil field pipe are the “old ways!”  You farmers are tough, trustworthy and steadfast and we know you want to make a profit for all your hard work.  Think about your favorite tractor or truck.  You depend on your equipment to do it’s job consistently right?  One of the reason’s John Deere, Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford have done so well is because they’re tough, trustworthy and steadfast like you. Your’re consistent!  Consistency keeps you in business and turns a profit.

It’s time to build your better farm and a better fence and find your farm Progressing to Guardrail.  One of the complaints we get Benefits of Guardrail Fencing for cattle fencing from farmers is that “guardrail just cost too much.”  Here’s a Newsflash, guardrail prices are at all time lows and if you are looking for used guardrail for sale, guardrail corral is your source.   Guardrail is a lifetime fencing product.  Board fence will give you a few years, maybe.  It might be less if Old Brutus wants to come through it.  Make better windbreaks.  Build stronger corrals.  Want to keep your cattle safe, healthy and prospering then find yourself Progressing to Guardrail in 2017!  Guardrail corrals, squeeze chutes, windbreaks, feed lots and feed bunks are the way to go.  They will last you a life time keeping you consistent and making you profitable.   Make the move to guardrail in 2017.  Thousands of happy customers have found themselves Progressing to Guardrail since we started serving American Agriculture in the 1960’s.  We hope you will too!  


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