Rail-Trim - Targeted Edge Protection Technology

Is Animal Health Important To You?



Rail-Trim is targeted edge protection technology. Animal health is very important to us at LiveStock Steel. It fits into our model of stewardship and we are proud to bring Rail-Trim to the market as an added bonus to our tried and true guardrail technology for cattle fencing.

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“We believe in the principal of sowing and reaping. But, how does our team sow – and which seeds bring the best results?” asks Tom Calton of AllRail Inc. “We believe Rail-Trim, our latest product, answers that question. Rail-Trim is the creative integration of edge-protection and guardrail fencing. We now have the perfect product to help us deliver additional, lasting value to our customers,” says Calton. Just months after releasing LiveStock Steel, ‘Agriculture’s Own Guardrail,’ AllRail continues to advance animal health in beef and dairy handling facilities.

“‘Guardrail is All Solution.’ It’s the cattlemen’s favorite, affordable, permanent fence,” says AllRail’s David Swain. “Rail-Trim is an inexpensive, U-channel weather-stripping which instantly applies to the manufactured ends of LiveStock Steel or used highway guardrail. Our customers requested an edge-softening solution that quickly integrates with guardrail pens, chutes and corrals - that’s exactly what Rail-Trim does,” says Swain. Erika Lamb of Rolling O Cattle Company says, “Adding the Rail-Trim to our cattle-sorting facility was remarkably easy. We’re very excited to see it installed in our high-traffic areas.”

“When people adopt good ideas, they bear good fruit,” says Swain. “Our Rail-Trim mission has allowed us to sow yet another great idea into our unique community by solving a specific problem with an effective solution. The Rail-Trim campaign embodies stewardship over our realm of influence. One of our core values is to ‘Model excellent stewardship within our unique marketplace.’ When the opportunity presented itself to meet a genuine need within our community, we felt duty-bound to make Rail-Trim happen,” states Swain.

“We hope the launch of Rail-Trim encourages leaders to pursue the development of on-point solutions for their particular communities. Regardless of short-term economic payoff, when we export great ideas into our unique areas of influence, we cultivate the soil of shared commonwealth. We are always moved forward when we ‘bake our own bread’ by innovating for our neighbors,” says Calton. “If, by example, we actively inspire others to generously spread their good ideas into their unique fields, then we’ll call Rail-Trim a true success.”

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