Custom "Resectioned" I-Beam Post

  • Solid, versatile, 6 inch Galvanized I-Beam Post are raising the bar for affordable livestock fence posts, pasture fencing, line posts, gate posts, support and H-bracing posts.
  • These heavily galvanized posts stand 6 inches at the height of the "I", with a 4-inch flange width. Our posts have a meaty, one-quarter inch of corrosion-resistant flange thickness.
I Beams are perfect for Corrals, Chutes, Windbreaks and Feedlots
I-Beam Post are the best option for Guardrail Corrals and Feed Lots
A stack of I-Beam for Guardrail
These posts are classified as a galvanized W6x9 (Nine pounds per foot) I-beam. We deliver them in lengths of 6 feet up to 16+ feet — but eight feet long is the most common length of post. The Solid Galvanization of our I-beam posts means owners can expect these posts to serve them for a LONG time. Their mild, easily workable steel means they are great to weld, cut and drill. From the start, these posts have been manufactured for decades of tough, permanent, roadside service. The three dimensional "I"-shape naturally grips the ground with a ferocious bite. Our customers report that these posts are surprisingly easy to install by simply pressing them into the ground, (often with a track-hoe or track-loader). Customers confirm that years after this easy installation, the posts remain tall, straight and solid.
Guardrail Corral owns to patent on Resectioned I-Beam Post

Lifetime Fence Post

We encourage comparing the life expectancy of guardrail panel with the life expectancy of the fence post.  Think About This: If a guardrail panel lasts 5 times longer than a wooden fence post, the fence owners will have to replace that same wooden post 4-5 times during the lifetime of their guardrail.  Galvanized I-Beam Posts Provide a Solution: Both the weight-class and heavily-galvanized lifespan of our I-Beam posts form a solid partnership for the strength and longevity of guardrail panel. Hundreds of guardrail panel users have chosen to use our galvanized I-beam guardrail posts to transform their permanent fence panel into a life-long fence system.

I Beam Post are the Lifetime Fence Post Solution

A Bright Idea

How do some fence owners maximize their post lengths?


They slide their top-rail guardrail panel approx. 4-6 inches above the top of their posts. This allows for more of the post to be pressed into the ground — giving even greater stability to an already POWERFUL fence installation.

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Eight foot ( 8 ft ) posts are the most common order, but various lengths of these work-proven posts are available. Some posts are manufactured at 8 feet in length — some are re-sectioned at our own production facility. We are honored to serve your needs and will be glad to customize your order. Give us a call today: