W-Beam Guardrail

W-Beam Guardrail is the workhorse of the Agri-Guardrail Fencing world. Used W-Beam Guardrail will serve you and your family for generations. We welcome your calls and questions to discuss the benefits of Used W-Beam Guardrail fencing products, our pricing, and what it will take to get this wonderful steel product into your hands so you, too, can FARM STRONG!


When choosing W-Beam panel, you may choose from: “long“ 26 ft panel and “short” 13'6" Panel

Long Panel

  • 26 Foot Long x 12 Inches Wide
  • 12 Gauge Thickness
  • 182 LBS Each

Short Panel

  • 13.5 Foot Long x 12 Inches Wide
  • 12 Gauge Thickness
  • 93 LBS Each

Ideas for W-Beam Guardrail

W-Beam Guardrail for Feed Bunks
W-Beam Guardrail for Water Erosion
Greenhouses are using Guardrail for Water Recycling

 The sky is the limit on what you can do with Used Guardrail. Whatever you project might be, give us a ring so we can talk about how Used Guardrail can work for you for a lifetime!

Contact us at Guardrail Corral 1-877-724-5411