Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Feet of Highway Guardrail Used for Cattle Fence

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Hundreds of thousands of feet of highway guardrail is making its way to the farm - ready for shipment today

We move truckload after truckload of used highway guardrail every year. Recently, things on the used guardrail side have been no different, except for the wave of un-installed guardrail that’s hitting. This year, we have truckload after truckload coming from several angles. This is our strongest ever of years when it comes to contracting to move new material coming off the rollers with dimensions making it unsuitable for US DOT highway guardrail deployment. Just recently we’re picked up yet another load to move to customers in Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Looking ahead, there doesn’t appear to be any end to the rise in the flow.

If you’re looking to move in the direction of expanding or upgrading your livestock facilities by using used W-beam guardrail steel or new W-beam guardrail (12 inch panel), then you should probably call us first. Hundreds of thousands of feet of guardrail is beginning to flow through us coast to coast in the USA.

For years before, we’d seen witnessing a slow, consistent trend: All over, less and less used highway guardrail was being made available for use in cattle fencing, feedlot construction, farms and ranches. However, things have certainly turned a corner and feedlot managers, cattle and beef growers are now in the know…

1). Using Highway Guardrail is by far the best thing available to build permanent facilities.

2). Things are moving in the direction of truckloads upon truckloads of available material now being released and made available to us, and thus to the individual putting it to work in fields, barns, holding pens, sorting pens and feed yards and sale barns all over the USA.

And more is coming.

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