Top 10 Ways Cattlemen are Like GUARDRAIL

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Proud of My Guardrail Fence

10. They do an outstanding job, day after day, and never utter a word.

9.  They stand the times with more than one lifetime of strength.

8.  Tough and straight-forward – folks are amazed at all the stuff they can do.

7.  Both were fashioned in America, by Americans, with high-quality materials… and they’re still serving America today.

6.   They are forged for strength and durability.

5.  They can handle wind, snow, rain, sun, heat, cold, and hail — just fine.

4.  Both can handle traffic when it turns bull-headed.

3.  Both can handle torches, nuts, bolts, welding, firearms, heavy construction, hard-driving, etc.

2.  When you hear that one’s just saved somebody’s life, it’s not hard to believe.

And LAST of all…

. They’re smooth and quiet on the outside, but buck ’em, and you’ll find out what they’re made of.

-Tom  (Guardrail Corral)

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